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CEFM Financial Literacy Class!

January 26th at 6pm at Salem Evangelical Lutheran (905 Frederick Rd Catonsville, MD) Registration is required (call 410-747-4357). Refreshments will be served. Availability is limited.

Topics will include

  • How to make a credit card work for you
  • How to choose and keep a checking account
  • Making informed decisions on apartments and mortgages
  • Setting financial goals
  • Paying Loans

By the end of June, 2014 a flurry of high school and college students volunteered to really make a difference in the smooth operation of our day by day service to the local underserved residents. All this year, Catonsville High School students have helped with assorted tasks one day a week after school. Their help is most appreciated.

One other group that has been supportive for a number of years is the Lamba Chi Fraternity of UMBC. Members brought in a huge collection of foodstuff over the holidays and stayed to sort, shelve and box it all up. This Spring, members installed our new sign which replaced one that the wind had destroyed. Their willingness and support has made a big difference.

Six college students, members of the Grace Bible Baptist Church, spent a day helping Peggy Carr, our Board President, with assorted inside tasks such as the tedious job of sorting files to help prepare reports. Big jobs were reduced to tasks well done.

The upgraded appearance of 25 Bloomsbury Avenue is due to the hard work of Jeff Potter's teenage baseball team, who play the game in the evenings and do community service during the day. They are a four week traveling team that plays ball in the surrounding states, as far away as Pittsburg, PA. CEFM Network is so fortunate to have them choose us for their local project. They have made a difference in many ways.

These 14 boys, with some parents and coach Potter, set to work with paint brush and roller, weed whacker and shovel, wire clippers and muscle power and achieved a complete clean up. We are left with a newly painted front porch and an added pot of flowers and hanging plant. There is new mulch preserving a new bed of plants and renewing our front garden. Much overgrowth on the property was pulled down which required two trips to the dump. Added gravel helped create side parking for two extra vehicles. And there were other gifts, such as the watering can for our new flowers!

Our clients have enjoyed the continued improvement of our CEFM Network home since both the front and back porches have been enclosed to provide more inside space. Since we are a non-profit organization, this expense, plus almost three fourths of our annual budget, comes from you, the public. Donations are needed, welcomed, and deeply appreciated all through the year. And the spirit of giving demonstrated by our young people reinforces a faith in the future, both for the dedicated servers and for those served, as well.



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